• What is Spey’s?

    It is a type of co-working office service, one of the new work trends of recent times, which offers individuals or groups a private work environment with the spaces it creates. It is a workspace where you can comfortably focus on your work, produce quickly and socialize while working. SPEY’S is your ready office with numerous possibilities, where you can realize your initiative plans or meetings without worrying about the expensive offices you just dreamed of building, the expensive cost of these offices and the new name of your world.

  • What are the advantages of Spey's?

    You determine your co-working office on the day you want, in any time interval and your working hours according to your requirements. Hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly rentals provide you with the most suitable office environment by meeting your workload and budget. Collaborating with people around you who think like you in this work environment gives you additional opportunities to develop dialogue.

  • What is co-working office?

    Co-working office meaning is the sharing of an office or its space by people or people from different business sectors. It offers cost savings and convenience through infrastructure sharing and services such as co-working office, equipment, technical service and storage services. This system offers attractive options for the self-employed, home-based workers, and people who travel frequently.